Now it’s time for my next adventures. I have grandchildren to chase, many national parks to visit and yes, a couple golf courses still out there for me to hike. I will retire on July 5th. I thank you for all you have taught me and given me over the years. You have helped me be the best version of myself as a dentist, colleague, parent, and most importantly a friend. We have shared many moments together for which I will always remember and cherish. To all of you, simply thank you!

You can trust the personable service our dental care team has provided you for decades will continue to serve you well. I found the perfect person in Dr. Paige Moorhead to replace me through my University of Washington involvement with teaching and academics. Dr. Moorhead was raised in a small town in Tennessee and came to the University of Washington 4 years ago for additional oral surgery training and has served as attending faculty for the past 3 years in the same Department of Hospital Dentistry which I directed and served for over 38 years. We are on parallel career tracks! You will appreciate her calm, gentle nature with a caring, careful approach as a provider of your dental care. She is committed to fitness and nutrition, loves to travel, and is a fun person and great communicator. You will enjoy her!