Working with patients from all walks of life, from childhood to advanced age, we pay close attention to every individual’s unique needs and treatment. We are thoughtful, open-minded listeners, striving for all people to feel warmly welcomed, safe, and valued. Our goal is to provide reliable dental care that not only boosts self-confidence and a brilliant smile, but also improves the long-term health of our patients.

This precedent was embodied by our founder, Dr. Robert Nieman, DDS, when he began his years of service to the Auburn community nearly four decades ago. Under Dr. Nieman’s leadership, the practice (previously known under his own namesake) succeeded in providing a comfortable dental home for so many lives.

During his 42 years of practice, his treatments extended care to families spanning over four generations. While running his own beloved practice, Dr. Nieman also directed and served at the University of Washington General Practice Residency (previously known as the Department of Hospital Dentistry) for over 38 years. After so much success, there comes a time for much needed rest. Dr. Nieman announced his plans for retirement in April of 2022, setting July 5th as his final day at the office.

You can enjoy reading Dr. Nieman’s complete retirement letter by clicking here!

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Do The Right Thing

Act with integrity, intention, accountability, and respect


Measured Excellence

Outcome based, precise results & goal oriented



Provide care for all walks of life to feel warmly welcomed, safe, and valued



Contribute toward the foundation for an enjoyable, long life


Growth & Development

Learn, improve and embrace change

Our Dental Service

Dr. Moorhead has spent many years studying numerous advanced procedures for treating the comprehensive dental health of every patient. She applies this expertise by providing complex dental case management as well as standard dental procedures and treatments. These include:

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Dr. Moorhead trained 4 years in oral surgery at the University of Washington. She is actively pursuing dental implants as a specialty and is passionate about linking nutrition and dental care with her patients’ overall health.

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We always welcome patient feedback about the quality of our dental care.
Please feel free to read what some of our incredible clients are saying about the dental care they’ve received.

Extremely satisfied with the quality of work and attentiveness by Dr Nieman. Staff is very welcoming. Highly recommend his practice.

Yelena Stakhov (Routine Care)

Awesome dentist and dental team! Extremely nice and always bring a smile to your face when you’re there. Highly recommend!!

Ian Korzeniecki (Routine Care)

Dr Nieman has been my dentist since 1994 and he is a superb dentist. I drive all the way from north Seattle just to get his care and my cleanings. I tend to be cavity prone, and he finally convinced me to use Prevident, but before that, over the years, I needed a lot of dental work. Without fail he has done excellent work on my teeth. I feel really fortunate to have had his care all these years…

John Cahall (Routine Care)

Has been my dentist since I was kid and he takes care of my whole family. Made special accomodations for my recently disabled mother. Because of him and his office my mom is still able to receive top notch dental care. Thanks Dr. Nieman, Brenda, and staff

Breaking Hearts (Root Canals)

I’ve been seeing Dr Nieman for about 15 years and feel very lucky to have done so. Dr Nieman doesn’t just care about me as a patient, but also as a person. Same with his office staff, who are amazingly caring and friendly. As long as Dr Nieman is practicing I will never go anywhere else.

Jennifer Lotshaw (Oral Sergery)

I have been Dr. Nieman’s patient for ever, if not longer… 7 implants later and lots of extensive work professionally done but Dr Nieman and his outstanding staff… HE IS SIMPLY THE BEST EVER!!! In USA and Europe… very likely the whole wide world… Number 1. Period.

Peter Vrinceanu (Oral Surgery)



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    Dentistry has always been considered a safe and “Essential Service.” We were asked not to practice until “Phase One,” not for safety reasons, but to preserve scarce Personal Protection Products (PPP) for our medical colleagues dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

    We have always prided ourselves in ensuring a safe and sterile environment to protect our patients and staff. We have implemented new protocols that go well above and beyond ADA and CDC requirements. We look forward to continuing the best care for all our patients as we all adapt to this unique time in our lives.